Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At the Pop-Up... Annabelle Hartmann & Kenn Munk

Tea & Make favourites Annabelle Hartmann & Kenn Munk have previously worked with us under 'The Artic' - some of you may have made their polar bear masks at last year's Tea & Make summer fete, and some of you may have made a 'Monster for London' at Tea & Make's V&A Friday Late back in Spring.  But at the Pop-Up, you'll find Annabelle & Kenn's individual designs in a purer form.  Their design exploration ranges from delicately pretty porcelain tiles featuring Annabelle's sketches, through to Kenn's 'Antlor Kit's, for making your own carboard stag head trophies with a difference.  And oh, their designs for the limited edition shop bags?  Absolutely amazing!!  They'll go fast!


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