Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Christmas from Tea & Make

So, this time last year we were coming to the end of the two weeks of our Pop-Up Shop, and we have sooooo missed not having a little shop this Christmas!!

But on the plus side this has left us both extra time to get making ourselves this year – we’ve been making presents from scratch, as well as adapting and personalising local finds, like prettying up some chutney jars from the Farmers’  Market. Cannot wait to see what our friends and families think on Christmas Day! We’ve also contributed to a Daily Mail article on exactly this subject - we will be posting more details on this next week.

We keep in touch with all our wonderful Tea & Makers and they are doing amazing things, so you’re sure to spot some of their work out and about this Christmas on your shopping sprees!! They have also been asking us when we’re putting on our next event, but sadly 2011 has gone by without a ‘Tea & Make do’, as we have been hugely busy with our own projects (do check out our websites if you’re curious about the other things we do… and and we have also both moved home this year (as you can imagine this is no quick thing for two women who LOVE styling up their homes!!)

We have also been working on a little sister project to Tea & Make, which we are really looking forward to telling you all about next year. In the meantime have a wonderful Christmas and keep enjoying making, as well as seeing and buying all the wonderful work that’s out there!

Love Sally and Esther xx