Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tea & Make Christmas - the venue...

The lovely Honor Oak pub in London SE23 is the venue for our Christmas Tea & Make - thankfully it's big enough for us as we'll be taking over the whole place! It's been our local for a couple of years now and we're looking forward to a great day.  If you are in the Forest Hill area next Thursday 5th and want to check the place out, head along for some bonfire night action plus fireworks, sparklers, hot dogs and toffee apples from 19.00!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LauraLaura at Christmas T&M

We're very happy to have LauraLaura back for Christmas Tea & Make and sure they'll go down extremely well with the Christmas shoppers - I'm hoping I'll have one of the 'If You Please' jumpers under my Christmas tree this year....  Here is one of LauraLaura's new A/W designs, and we'll be showcasing some rather interesting "top secret for the time being" Christmassy LauraLaura pieces on here soon...

Friday, October 23, 2009

The wonderful Paul Farrell at T&M!

How lucky we are to have the very clever Paul Farrell ( with us at the Christmas Tea & Make?  Here are just some of his designs (check the new gold, mirror vinyl decals - loving them!):

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hannah Waldron at Christmas Tea & Make

We're really excited to have Hannah Waldron and her lovely prints and handmade books at the next Tea & Make - we're particularly looking forward to seeing her brand new book - "Rain Day".  Hannah explains "The book gives you a glimpse of the life of a town, through the eyes of a boy trapped indoors because of the rain, looking out through his window. Through the situation of being bored and frustrated the boy begins to notice all the details of his surroundings and think of others who might be in a similar situation".  Here's a sneak preview from her website - it looks beautiful....

Friday, October 9, 2009

BFR Mag at Christmas Tea & Make!

We are SO excited to have Rob Ryan's daughter Barbara Ryan at our Christmas Tea & Make event.  She's still at school but ridiculously cool - you may have seen her doing a spot of moonlighting over on the Tatty Devine website modelling their gorgeous jewellery but at the next Tea & Make, she'll be selling her 'zine, BFR - a collection of observations and lovely illustrations - "all hand drawn, glued and sewn in my bedroom" she explains on her Etsy shop ( - as soon as you get a copy in your hands, you'll be addicted!

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