Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So we're getting mega excited about Friday now!  Esther and I have been working every spare minute of the day (and night) for the last few months on this project - we've enjoyed every minute of it but can't wait for it to happen now!  We're really sorry we've not been able to blog as much as we usually would - it's just been a tad hectic for us both but we are so, so pleased with what our artists and designers have come up with in the way of workshops and as ever, are so impressed by their creativity, enthusiasm and the top, top quality of their work - check out the websites for all involved at the bottom of this post.

Here is the full program, now live on The V&A's site - We cannot wait to see you there for some tea, cake and making...

Needles at the ready for an evening exploring all things stitched! Join us as we celebrate the Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition with an exploration of British craft traditions. Take a seat at our garden tea party and get crafty with established and emerging contemporary artists and designers.

DJ Johnny Chrome and Silver
Grand Entrance
Let Johnny Chrome and Silver of Time for Tea lead you to a world of polka dots and moonbeams with a selection of 50's cocktail music and jazz.

The Stitch Surgery
Collection Point: Grand Entrance
Collect a pack of goodies and transform them into a beautiful rosette brooch or patch.
If in doubt visit one of our Stitch Surgeries for some help and advice.
Material, needles and thread generously supplied by Coats Crafts.

The Tea & Make Garden Tea Party
John Madejski Garden and Café
Join your co-hosts, Tea & Make, for a truly original twist on the traditional Garden Tea Party.
With thanks to Coats Crafts.

Girl Racer
The 1970's Atari style racing game just got a little crafty! Take part in Clare Thornton's fun interactive sewing contest, presented during IgFest 2008 (Festival Award for Best Use of Technology). Four contestants will race against the clock in a battle of who can cross the finishing line first, only - the race tracks are made from 2m long rolls of paper printed with many obstacles to avoid. The first to cross the finishing line wins a chocolate medal. The fastest Girl or Boy Racer of the night wins a special rosette and a Tea & Make craft pack.

Patchwork Keepsake
Artist Zeena Shah will be creating an interactive quilting installation detailing our collective memory of the Tea & Make garden party - using the British quilting tradition to create a keepsake for the V&A. During the course of the evening she will create a patchwork quilt installation through workshops such as cross stitching, patchworking and appliqué, working onto various fabrics, and using these craft techniques to create individual patches.

A Monster for London
Tokyo has Godzilla, New York has King Kong and California has the 50 Foot Woman, but London is currently lacking any memorable oversized menace… Join Annabelle Hartmann and Kenn Munk as they explore mythical creatures to bring their own special twist on rural folklore to the V&A! Create your own paper-finger-puppet-monster by choosing from a range of body part rubber stamps and 'patching' together a scary menace Monster-makers will have the opportunity to pitch their creation against a choice of famous London landmarks, in a battle that is something between Rock-Paper-Scissors and Top Trumps.

Join artist Barbara Ryan as she creates an installation of threaded cross-stitch-style patterns. Participants will have the opportunity to choose from 200mm squared card with different configurations/sizes of laser cut holes. With their choice of coloured yarns participants will thread their design onto the card. The finished squares will then be added to a large hanging installation that will evolve over the course of the evening.

Gigantic Weaving Loom
Join textile artist Sara Tierney at our oversized loom, and have a go at weaving your own piece of magic.

DJ Doug Shipton
For your listening pleasure we present a bespoke guided tour of global folk treasures and lesser-spotted songbirds courtesy of Doug Shipton, renowned record hound, international DJ and co-founder of Finders Keepers Records.

Plus many more activities, including table-top craft boxes, a community notice board and an opportunity to share your handmade wares with the rest of the party.  There will also be prizes for the best crafts created on the night.

With special thanks to the volunteers from Dulwich Quilters, Region 1 of the Quilters Guild.
All events are free and drop-in, unless stipulated otherwise.
Filming and photography will be taking place at this event.

Tea and Make:
Time for Tea:
Coats Crafts:
Clare Thornton:
Zeena Shah:
Annabelle Hartmann:
Kenn Munk:
Barbara Ryan:
Sara Tierney:
Finders Keepers Records:
Quilters Guild:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Stitch Surgery

As well as our own mini Tea & Make within the Friday Late event next week, we have been working on the styling of The V&A's 'The Stitch Surgery' for the night.  From 6:30pm 'til 9:45pm you can collect a pack from the grand entrance of The V&A, which will include all that you need to make your own rosette or patch.  The other 3 Stitch Surgery points dotted around the museum are manned, or should we say, "womaned" by the lovely lady volunteers from Dulwich Quilters, Region 1 of the Quilters Guild, who will be able to help you with any possible stitching "issues" you encounter as you make your little creation throughout the night.

Lovely logo by Esther as usual!

Collection Point: Grand Entrance
Collect a pack of goodies and transform them into a beautiful rosette brooch or patch.
If in doubt visit one of our Stitch Surgeries for some help and advice.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Handmade: A British Craft Exhibition at Fortnum & Mason

For more info visit their web site here.


The lovely people over at dotcomgiftshop have been kind enough to blog about us! Check it out here.

And here are a couple of examples of the lovely goodies you'll find on their site:
Union Jack Rose & Heart Doormat, £15.95
Pack of 12 Traditional Pencils, £1.95

They've also been lovely enough to help us out with lots of the props you'll see at The V&A next Friday - thanks guys!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Sorry it's been a little quiet on the T&M blogging front!  With lots of little projects coming up, it's been tricky to pin one down specifically to tell you about.  Probably the most exciting piece of news in T&M's short history (!) to date, is that The V&A have asked us to put on a Tea & Make for their next Friday Late to celebrate their promoted-everywhere-ever Quilts: 1700-2010 exhibition (!  It's taken a lot of planning (and still is!) but it's going to be such a lovely evening!  We'll be unveiling news on who will be joining us for this free event over the next few weeks but pencil it into your diaries now - Friday 30th April 6:30pm - 10pm!