Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Stitch Surgery

As well as our own mini Tea & Make within the Friday Late event next week, we have been working on the styling of The V&A's 'The Stitch Surgery' for the night.  From 6:30pm 'til 9:45pm you can collect a pack from the grand entrance of The V&A, which will include all that you need to make your own rosette or patch.  The other 3 Stitch Surgery points dotted around the museum are manned, or should we say, "womaned" by the lovely lady volunteers from Dulwich Quilters, Region 1 of the Quilters Guild, who will be able to help you with any possible stitching "issues" you encounter as you make your little creation throughout the night.

Lovely logo by Esther as usual!

Collection Point: Grand Entrance
Collect a pack of goodies and transform them into a beautiful rosette brooch or patch.
If in doubt visit one of our Stitch Surgeries for some help and advice.


  1. esther you rock - that is a great logo!
    really looking forward to coming along and meeting you both.

  2. hey cherie! sorry in all the rush up to the event, i missed your lovely comment! thanks a lot - i do LOVE designing logos :)