Friday, August 12, 2011

Support FINDERS KEEPERS RECORDS after the Sony warehouse fire

As you all know, we're all about supporting amazing little businesses, and one which has always been very close to our hearts (you may have bought one of their records at our pop-up shop over Christmas) is the wonderful Finders Keepers Records (based in London and Manchester).  One of the 3 founders, Doug Shipton, put out this open letter on Facebook this evening after 90% of their entire stock was burned in the the Sony warehouse fire on Monday night:

"As most of you are probably aware, owing to the tragic fire at Sony DADC in Enfield, PIAS UK's distribution centre, on Monday night during the rioting across London, Finders Keepers, Twisted Nerve, Bird, Battered Ornaments and our associated labels are among the countless other independent labels to have been directly affected. Early estimates indicate that approximately 90% of our stock has been destroyed leaving us with only a small number of limited titles in our office.

Firstly, words cannot describe how overwhelmed and grateful we are for all the support we've received in the past few days. As a fiercely independent label we have always relied on the passion and commitment not just of those who help us champion independent music but also those who support and buy our releases, enabling us to carry on doing what we love - a fact made all the more poigniant as we approach our 50th Finders Keepers release and 7th anniversary. So to all of you who have bought a record, a download, or have helped spread the word over the internet (ever!), THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

While we take stock of our losses and make plans for our immediate future it is important to remember that as we try to rebuild and while what has been destroyed can hopefully be replaced it is hard to quantify any material loss when people have lost their homes and indeed their lives in the past few days, but the sad fact is that a lot of honest and hardworking people's livlihoods (including countless friends and colleagues) are at risk as a result of what has happened.

We're sure that after the dust has settled there will be much debate over the past week's events but for now we need you to support your independent music scene in any way that you can - spread the word through social networking sites, buy from your favourite labels (many are still able to run mailorder services as well as offering their catalogues digitally) and don't forget your local independent record shops who will undoubtedly suffer in turn with the labels who have been affected.

Down but not out
The Finders Keepers family x"

We're pleased to see that they're already using their talents (amazing artwork by fellow label director Andy Votel) and contacts to release the loveliest fundraising series of CDs, where as they explain:

"a few of our close label mates have come together to compile some of their favourite moments from the Finders Keepers family discography. A series of 10 limited edition CD and MP3 compilations curated by the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Demdike Stare, David Holmes and Gruf Rhys including some exclusive and unreleased tracks are now ready to order directly from the website and like minded retailers in a bid to ease us back onto our feet releasing phantastic obscure and obselete music as soon as possible.
For the next five months we will present 10 limited edition albums (one every 2 weeks) kindly compiled by B-Music stalwarts and friends, including Jarvis Cocker, Demdike Stare, David Holmes and Gruff Rhys (amongst others) choosing their favourite songs from our expansive catalogue, as well as featuring exclusive songs, edits and remixes."

Buy yours here - whether it's a single volume, or you're signing up for the whole series, your purchase will help them to continue with their lovely business, to continue releasing amazing (sometimes crazy!) musical gems which they uncover from around the world, from dusty archives, artist's back rooms, and cutting room floors - and who would be there to do that for us if they weren't? x