Monday, June 29, 2009

Garudio Studiage booked for Tea & Make...

Peckham-based collective Garudio Studiage have just booked their stall for August's Tea & Make. Two of the founders, Chris Ratcliffe and Laura Cave, will be there to represent this cool company...

Named after the glamorous 'garage studio' in Peckham where they started their venture (screen printing, jewellery, painting, making props, displays and products) in 2003, we love it (and are desperate to get our hands on some Flat Pet screenprinted Rabbits and a Peruvian cotton hand-crocheted Watermelon Brooch or two)! Visit or better still come and check them out in the flesh!

Friday, June 26, 2009

pingo [art vending machine] will be appearing at Tea & Make

pingo is crammed full of little art ideas and promotes artists’ work by selling small artists’ multiples, from gorgeous crochet to animation! all proceeds from pingo help to fund piCOt’s free public events, including the geekFest biennale.

Mr Scruff's Make Us a Brew at Tea & Make...

We're looking forward to pouring out lashings of tea from Mr Scruff's little tea company 'Make Us a Brew' at the Tea & Make cafe on 22nd August... They'll be providing us with their new range of teas (not yet in the shops) so come and enjoy a cup with your Choc Star chocolate brownie why don't you...

Monday, June 22, 2009

St Saviour's Church

Here is St Saviour's, the pretty little venue for our first Tea & Make on 22nd August - now you know where to get off the bus!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

CHOC STAR at Tea & Make!

The utterly amazing Choc Star ( will be parking up at St Saviours for our first Tea & Make fete on 22nd August, we're proud to announce! The lovely Petra Barran will be serving up lashings of chocolate aaaaaaaaaaaall day - Hot Chocolate Floats, Mexican Chocolate icecream, Malteser muffins, White Chocolate & Strawberry Milkshakes.....

We CANNOT wait!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

LauraLaura confirmed

One of our favourite new little enterprises, LauraLaura, is confirmed for our 22nd August event! Yipee! Taking beautiful pure wool jumpers and cardigans and re-working them by embroidering thoughts and words, they also wrap old bangles with pretty fabric remnants and make earrings from deliciously colourful and odd buttons.