Monday, June 29, 2009

Garudio Studiage booked for Tea & Make...

Peckham-based collective Garudio Studiage have just booked their stall for August's Tea & Make. Two of the founders, Chris Ratcliffe and Laura Cave, will be there to represent this cool company...

Named after the glamorous 'garage studio' in Peckham where they started their venture (screen printing, jewellery, painting, making props, displays and products) in 2003, we love it (and are desperate to get our hands on some Flat Pet screenprinted Rabbits and a Peruvian cotton hand-crocheted Watermelon Brooch or two)! Visit or better still come and check them out in the flesh!


  1. very excited - i will be buying all the cardboard pets of course :)

  2. I second that...the cardboard kitty is amazing :)